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This entry was posted on Oct 03 2011

This is my first attempt creating a plugin with 3d Max SDK. The work is still in progress but I am pretty happy with the outcome so far. The main deal of this plugin is to create the effect that simulates muscles sliding underneath the skin. My plan now is to polish this plugin, add some more functionalities and post more illustrative examples here soon.



The following links are the references I used on this research.
Muscle system online research project
VorleX muscle system slide effect
Stretch mesh
Chad Vernon Reel 2010
Capturing and animating skin deformation in human motion
Lumonix – Skin FX

8 Responses to “Mesh Slide – 3d Max SDK”

  1. how can i work with trail ver or buy it?

  2. Awesome man! Waiting release

  3. When do you plan on releasing this to public?

  4. Hi guys, thanks for the comments and for the interest in my plugin. I still have no plans for releasing it. For now this is just a prototype made out of my first studies with 3d Max SDK and it has some limitations I’ll have to work on. I’ll keep posting the progress of my work here if you’re interested in following it though.

    Cheers, Seigi

  5. Hi Seigi,

    that looks fantastic! This is really what I am looking for. Can’t wait;-)

  6. Very nice!

  7. champion シャツ

  8. ニューバランス レディース スニーカー

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