Auto-Rig – scripting studies

This entry was posted on Jul 06 2010

In this post I am publishing a study of an auto-rigging script I have made a while ago. The goal of this study was to create a tool that could quicly set up a rig with my preference of features. This script sets up a rig with IK/FK arms (with blending based in Paul Neale setup), IK legs and reverse feet from a given reference. I didn’t go futher than that because the point was just to study some scripting at that moment.

If you want to try this script anyway, a reference of bones will be needed. Anything can be used as reference. In the following video you will see a very simple chain of bones, a Max Biped and a Max CAT being converted to my set up. Just for the record, the idea of converting an existing Biped reference into a custom rig was taken from Daniel Lara.

Download the script here!

What it does:
- from a given reference, it sets up a rig with features of my choice

How to use:
- create your reference and run the script
- MAXScript -> Run Script ->
- map the bones
- if you want to use a CAT reference, please create a dummy at the end of the toe and link it as child of the toe

Copyright: feel free to use and change it as you wish =D

13 Responses to “Auto-Rig – scripting studies”

  1. hello

    i have a problem

    i use 2011 64 bit

    problem is ( there might be invalid nodes in the selected rig.
    please fill missing nodes) alert.

    please help

  2. another problem

    i can not use skin modifier for the character

  3. Hi Altug, I have just emailed you asking some more info about your problem. Lets try to get it working :). Cheers, Seigi

  4. hi Seigi

    there is no problem with max 2009
    I solved the problem with the skin modifier.
    great script by the way.
    a very good job.

    but, I can not run max in 2011.
    All trials fail to (there might be invalid nodes in the selected rig.
    please fill missing nodes)


  5. Hi Altug,

    The problem seems to be on the rig name. When I wrote this script I didn’t make the effort to automatically detect the biped rig name :). I just assume it is named Bip01. So try this:

    Go to your biped panel and look for ‘biped -> modes and display -> name’ and change it to Bip01. It should work.


  6. hi Seigi

    I tried immediately.

    Thank you very much.


  7. Hi Seigi

    Can you help ? I cant seem to get the script to work on max 2012.
    Im getting an error that says “– Runtime error: Modifier is not appropriate: EmptyModifier:Attribute Holder”

    Is it something that i do wrong? The auto mapping works fine. But Convert to rig gives me that error.



  8. Hi Jazz,

    I haven’t tried this script on Max 2012 but I was browsing on the internet and found this post:

    One of the guys wrote this:

    “Try downloading the latest 2012 hotfix. I had the same issue where old scripts stopped working. One issue I had was 2012′s inability to but an attribute holder on a point helper which is a known issue and stopped my scripts running. HotFix fixed this…worth a try :) ”

    It seems the HotFix for Max 2012 can fix the problem you are having. If you try it, please let me know how it went.


  9. Hi Seigi

    Thanks for the reply. The hotfix wasnt enough. But after i installed service pack 2 everything worked again. Thanks again :)



  10. hello

    I have a problem
    i run script on the file and then i save and close the file
    next time when i open the file
    arm IK and FK change tool donot work
    error”–tye error : call needs function or class,got: unfined”
    how to fix?

  11. respected sir i have one problem in this script how to install script in max 2014. (rigmachine_v.02)

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  13. Hi man great Script By The Way But I have Small Problem I have Character Which have skeleton and i try to use the Run Auto mapping option Put it doesn’t Work So im tried to defined the skeleton piece by piece but the problem there are 3 spine option and my have just 2 spine so it keep tilling me (Missing any/Some Original Objects so If there any way to fix taht

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