Alex Rig – Beta

This entry was posted on Dec 13 2012

Hi there!

I’ve been rigging a character in my spare time and I’d like to share it with the animation community.


Alex’s body has been rigged with Advanced Skeleton and you will find heaps of information and training videos in the Advanced Skeleton home page. The face was custom rigged and I tried to keep it simple and powerful. Lets see what comes out of it. I’ve built a synoptic – or character UI if you will – to make the control selection easier.

Donwloads on hold. New version to come soon.


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  1. How To download this ??

  2. Hi there Mr. Sato,

    glad to finally meet you, I’m Rafael Perez and I’m having the delight of using the Alex rig for one non commercial project. So far it has been wonderfully, but two days ago for the first time, the rig crashed on me.

    I have no idea how it happened, maybe I keyed something that I shouldn’t, but the result is crazy, only and I repeat ONLY the geometry of the limbs is being pulled to the center of the scene, where the “dimension” curves are pointing at.

    I have no idea what those dimensions curves are for, but they never seemed to be of use, so I ignored them.

    Anyway if you have encountered this kind of issue, or if you know anyway to fix it. I would love to hear about it, you would save my life.

    thank you very much for your time, hope to hear from you.

  3. Hi there,

    Can you please tell me how to download this character? I would love to work on this for my demoreel.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance :)

  4. wow

  5. Can you please share this rig with me. I want to study it.

  6. Just wondering if there was an ETA on when the Alex rig would be available again. I’m sure you’ve been busy but I would love to try the rig out. Please let us know soon!

  7. Hey Seigi,

    Is there any possible way to download the character or for you to send it to me? I understand there is a new version on the way, but I really do want to try your rig out now :)


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